Premium 100% nature

MOHANLAL® Argan Oil is a beauty, hair, skincare, cosmetics product manufacturer. We have the best natural care products, developed by CEO, Founder & Entrepreneur Ravi Ryan Mohanlal, that meet international guidelines. We manufacture cosmetics and personal care products according to skin and hair problems and make sure that these products have the best quality. We are also known as the argan oil and rose water 100% premium label manufacturer. Next to origin argan oil we have in our product range varieties of face, hair, lip, skin, grooming, baby and personal care items as; makeup, serum, wash, creams, scrubs, shampoos, oils, conditioners, lip balm, lip gloss, beard shaving creams, diaper rash cream, hand care sanitizer, make-up remover, intimate hygiene, and foot care products.  



Improve the overall health

MOHANLAL® Massage is developed by CEO, Founder & Entrepreneur Ravi Ryan Mohanlal LLM MSc, who is an active sporter and fitness dedicated. We have this trendy noise-reducing brushless motor gadget in the colors Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Grey and Carbon to inspire you. It's our own developed high branded professional handheld wireless massage gun that uses percussion therapy to help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, promote blood circulation, improve the overall health of human soft tissues, and prevent inflammation caused by adhesions between fascia and muscles, can eliminate body fatigue and awaken muscle vitality. Gives your professional relaxing massage experience. Have a look into our factory and production process to be involved in the high standards we assure on each item. 2 years warranty is standard provided.