We're the perfect wholesaler for your online business

MOHANLAL® XL offers you to become a distributor, wholesaler, retail dealer and reseller partner with your own operated business. Launch your selling activities today with our dealer and dropshipping options.  


MOHANLAL® Wholesale Program

The MOHANLAL® Authorized Dealer Network (MADN) is a partnership opportunity for business owners looking to expand their assortment, increase retail turnaround and participate in MOHANLAL® growing influence in the industry. Retail partners in the wholesale program become part of our MOHANLAL® Authorized Dealer Network (MADN), fulfilling the demand for our unique, cult-favorite products in markets around the world.


MOHANLAL® Authorized Dealer Network

The MOHANLAL® Authorized Dealer Network (MADN) is comprised of more than 1.2 million thriving e-commerce items, own developed products of the MOHANLAL® label brand, stores in over 182 countries which can be joinable in the MADN. MOHANLAL® values quality, function and innovation, along with first-rate customer service, a unique brand image, and professional marketing. As our representatives, both international and domestic, our authorized retailers share these values.


Solutions for Traditional and Modern Businesses

  • For traditional sales channels: stores, promotions, direct selling or by catalogue, etc.
  • Possibility of finance and deferred payment
  • We take care for the full logistics, fullfilment and delivery for orders
  • For shops and markets we deliver parcels and boxes of our products in advance
  • Wholesale price for single units, without a minimum order and with discounts by volume
  • Thousands of products, including top brands, with daily new items and winning products
  • Catalogue in 24 European languages, with native translations
  • Large amounts of stock in Europe, with European certification and 24 hr shipping
  • Consolidated, multi-product and category orders, in just one shipment and paying only one fee
  • Online platform for centralised management of multi-channel orders




We work with dropshippers that are looking for a leading supplier, and we help them to simplify and accelerate their multi-channel and cross-border sales with our catalogue and our technology.

Marketplace Sellers

We work with online businesses that sell on marketplaces. We offer integration with +200 marketplaces and solutions to multiply their sales.


We help marketplaces to multiply their sales through our client (sellers) network and directly with some selective brands.


We offer thousands of products from diverse categories for ecommerce, and integration solutions to MOHANLAL® stock and catalogue.

Social Sellers

For clients who sell through social networks, we have some winning products with a high margin and stock in Europe for immediate delivery.

Private - Flash sales

We help to launch private or flash sales campaigns on websites, and to manage the whole operation, with limited time product offers.

Rewarding & Loyalty

Some suppliers of products that are offered on rewarding and loyalty platforms offer exchange of gifts through points.

Traditional stores

We provide solutions for traditional sales channels (shops, promotions, direct selling or by catalogue…) that require a wholesaler, without a minimum order amount.

Wholesale purchasing

We sell thousands of wholesale products to businesses that store them for subsequent resale.


We invite you to join us and become a selling agent with high benefits. Grow your skills and thrive as a working self-made retailer with the MOHANLAL® brand. Our quality matters, even as you do.


Sent your details on the contact form and our office staff will contact you. Visit www.mohanlalxl.com for more details and membership forms.